Jordan Compare And Contrast

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Even if you are not a big sports fan, chances are you know the names of Michael Jordan and LeBron James. These two men are two of sports’ greatest players ever. Even though they come from different eras of the game, they often are compared to each other. That is because they stand out as some of the top players to ever play the game. They are without a doubt in the same company as NBA greats such as Kobe Bryant, Wilt Chamberlain, Larry Bird and many more. Many people, including the ballers themselves, claim the two of them are impossible to compare. Although I agree they should not to limited to the comparison of each other, I do believe it is possible to compare the games of Michael Jordan and LeBron James. It will be almost impossible to …show more content…

LeBron really is. Today’s sports fan obsesses over the art of arguing over things such as best team, best coach and of course, best player. The debate may even be most alive in the NBA. Basketball is very much a team sport, but it has the ability for one player to take over. That is why basketball fans like to compare great players of different times, like Jordan and James. This particular topic is almost the stepping stone for all other debates. These players are very often compared by sports media. For example, this Sports Illustrated article describes a scene in new movie “Bad Teacher” where the main character has a quick argument over LeBron and MJ with a student, “a teacher and a middle school student arguing about Michael Jordan and LeBron James. It is the truest sports scene I've seen in a long while. It's about me. I have become a grumpy old man, a bad teacher. I cannot even listen to the Jordan versus LeBron arguments” (Posnanski). It is also popular in the music industry. In the song “Sideline Story”, rapper J. Cole gave his stand on the popular sports debate, “But, you'll never play me like LeBron vs. Jordan, twenty years, wonder who they gone say was more important. Both changed the game, came through and made a lane. Who's to say that who's greater, all we know, they ain't the same.” Clearly, this is not the first time the idea of comparing these great athletes has come

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