Lebron Versus Jordan Essay

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Michael Jordan versus Lebron James Michael Jordan is considered to be the most iconic person in sports history. Since 2002, Lebron James has been compared not only to be the next Michael Jordan but also having the potential of being a better basketball player than him. Some basketball fans might agree and some might disagree, but at the end of the day everyone will have their own opinion of who is better than whom. Lebron James and Michael Jordan do have many things in common even though they play different positions in the national basketball association. They both can dominate the court with their leadership, their skills, and their strength. Surprisingly, there are just as many differences as there are similarities between the…show more content…
James is so far 25th in steals, averaging 2.3 steals a game. Lebron is a beast when it comes to blocking shots, but has only 262 career blocks, while Jordan had a 100 block just within a season. People can go back and forth with the stats, Lebron is better than Michael in certain areas but at the end, Jordan will overall have a better record than Lebron. Jordan and James have accomplished many things as an individual and they both took their teams to the next level. They both won the NBA rookie of the year and the NBA all-rookie first team. Lebron is a two time all NBA second team, while Michael only accomplished 1. Michael is a five time NBA most valuable player to Lebron’s two. Michael also was a 14 time time NBA all-star to Lebron’s seven. Lebron was only a NBA scoring champion once, Michael is a ten time NBA scoring champion and three time NBA scoring champion. Since Lebron didn’t go to college he never experience college basketball and to mature his game for the pros like Michael Jordan did, and Michael got many awards while playing for North Carolina. He was awarded twice the consensus NCAA all American first team and led North Carolina to two championships. Michael is also included in a nine time all defensive first team, but Lebron was included only three times. Michael even won two gold medals from the Olympic Games.
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