Joseph Campbell : The Power Of Myth And The Mythic Image

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Myths to most people, appear to be just stories people tell for entertainment. But for centuries, these myths have been told for centuries and serve a specific type of purpose. There are so many myths in our world today that come from so many cultures and nations, one can only assume how much of an impact it has had on our world. For example, the Greek myths such as the Olympians or Prometheus were prominent myths because they explained the origins of our world. In addition to Greek mythology, we have Egyptian myths where the gods fought each other for power. These myths and legends, although are just stories, Joseph Campbell sees them as a significant part of life. Joseph Campbell is a prolific mythologist and his comparison of myths and religions. The message he wants to present can be seen by two of his works, the Power of Myth and The Mythic Image. Both works are influential, but it appears the Power of Myth has more of an impact in the way it has been structured. Therefore, the Power of Myth conveys Joseph Campbell’s message in a more persuasive manner. Although, The Mythic Image does have compelling evidence to his argument so I will not set it aside totally. However, by looking at the Power of Myth, we can see the importance of myths, which matter because of how they influence our lives. Essentially, Joseph Campbell seeks to express the importance of myths and its influence through purpose, audience, and his rhetoric. Throughout Campbell’s writings, he really

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