Journal Article : Paranormal And Religious Believers

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This essay will summarise and evaluate Tepani Riekki et al. journal article "Paranormal and Religious Believers Are More Prone to Illusory Face Perception than Skeptics and Non-believers" (2013). It considers the advantages of the innovative method used for conducting the research, the problem of the omission of participant cultural background and the importance of making a division between religions with human-like divinity and religions with non human-like ones. This essay concludes that although this study provides important findings about illusory face detection, further research is needed to totally understand this phenomenon.

Following previous studies likethe one by Rieth et al. (2011), that found a relatively high illusory face detection in pure noise images, and the one by Krummenacher et al. (2010), that demonstrated that paranormal believers are more likely to identify faces in scrambled configurations, this study aims to demonstrate 1) that people who believe in paranormal phenomena and religious people tend to be more likely to illusory face perception than namely skeptics and non-religious people and 2) that paranormal believers and religious people tend to rate artifact faces as being more face-like and emotional than skeptics and non-religious do. A total of 47 participants (recruited from electronic mail lists, internet forums, notice boards and with the snowball method) was included in the experiment. Each participant was shown a set of pictures

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