Joy Luck Club Analysis

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The Joy Luck Club is a book that has deep ties with emigration and the many joys and hardships that it comes with. In the story, emigration leads to a great many problems, such as breaks in family, tears in people’s hearts, the negation of family wealth and prosperity and the inevitable home sickness that comes with leaving your home for long periods of time. “Ocean that took me to a new country. She did not see how my face changed over the years. How my mouth began to droop. How I began to worry but still did not lose my hair. How my eyes began to follow the American way. She did not see that I twisted my nose bouncing forward on a crowded bus in San Francisco. Your father and I, we were on our way to church to give many thanks to God for all our blessings.” However, there is a great deal of good that can come of this, such as the reunion with family, the finding of good people and the possibility that any and every thing can come true or everything can go wrong. This is what the Chinese mothers had to face in there absolute mind blowing journey to the Americas. Just because they are fictional characters does not mean that there are not others that are like them such as, Mr. Hom, the Chinese American that had a mind vision of traveling from his hometown in China to the land of opportunities that is America. “For years, it was a shameful family secret. But Mr. Hom, a New York laundry worker who helped build battleships in World War II and put three children through

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