Strengths and Weaknesses in The Joy Luck Club Essay

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Many women find that their mothers have the greatest influence on their lives and the way their strengths and weaknesses come together. In Amy Tan’s The Joy Luck Club, the lives of four Chinese mothers and their Chinese-American daughters are followed through vignettes about their upbringings and interactions. One of the mothers, An-Mei Hsu, grows up away from her mother who has become the 4th wife of a rich man; An-Mei is forced to live with her grandmother once her mother is banned from the house, but eventually reunites and goes to live in the man’s house with her mother. Her daughter, Rose, has married an American man, Ted, but their marriage begins to end as he files for divorce; Rose becomes depressed and unsure what to do, despite …show more content…

She will not only be moving to a literal confident place where she is in a better social standing, but also a mental place where she can recognize her own choices as valid. The second instance where her courage is shown is when she crushed the beads in front of Second Wife. This instance shapes her because she’s finally finished her transition into being able to stand for herself with confidence as well as to show how independent she can be without being fooled by petty gifts. An-Mei's courage outlines her as a character, and also influences those around her. The courage that An-Mei learns and is formed by ultimately affects her daughter, Rose. An-Mei states, “Even though I taught my daughter the opposite, still she came out the same way!” (241) when she is talking about her own upbringing, as she was raised to “desire nothing, to swallow people’s misery, to eat [her] own bitterness.” (241) This shows that despite her courage, she still passed on her passiveness to her daughter. However, it is also seen that like her mother, Rose has two instances of incredible courage that parallel her mother’s. The first is when she dates and eventually marries Ted despite her mother and mother-in-law’s opposition; “In those early months, we clung to each other with a rather silly desperation, because, in spite of anything

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