Jr, My Horse, A New Record

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"Tsk" I said and tapped my foot, signaling Massey, my horse, to go. She began to run and I signaled for her to go faster, my brother, Mike was timing us back at the house. We made it to the course of logs she had to jump over, she always slowed down at this part. Massey was a rescue that I made with granddad before he passed, she had trauma from previous experiences. Massey saw the logs and jumped skillfully and we made our way back to the house where Mike was waiting for us.

"DAMN!! THAT 'S A NEW RECORD!" I heard Mike yell, as Massey and I made our way towards him, Poppa called us to go inside. Mike have Poppa a thumbs up and jogged back to the house, I hopped of Massey and put her back in her stall, before leaving I rubbed her mussel and fed her. I jogged back to the house and was met by Lobo and Red, the family dogs, I walked to the living room where Mike, Momma, Poppa, and Aunt Julie sat. I dipped my hat at Aunt Julie and greeted all of them, taking a seat next to Michael. "What 's going on? Why the family meeting?" I asked seriously, Mike laid back on the couch and Poppa cleared his throat, "a family rented out the resort for two months" Poppa says and Momma pats his arm, "that 's bad for the rest of the customers! How are we possibly going to do with the rest of the reservations?" Mike asked, "how much did they pay? And where in hell is Kelsey?" I ask my parents, Kelsey is one of the workers here.

After explaining that Kelsey went to New Jersey for the summer and

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