Juan Bosch

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Section 2.3 “The Woman” by Juan Bosch is so short, one might think it was a simple tale. That would be a mistake, for this little story is like an acorn, a germ of a huge epic tale. To see the fully developed vision of this story, each element must analytically cultivated and with each piece, a political cultural narrative is developed. This story can be read on different levels, specific, general, and universal. A fully expanded analysis can be used to understand the mindset of some repressed peoples in many different places.
This is a powerful political narrative but whose is it? To find the answer, a little background scaffolding is needed to lift and support the analysis. In the book, Latin American Writers, the authors of each short story are introduced with their country of origin and major accomplishments and points of interest in their lives. …show more content…

Freud suggests that both boys and girls are significantly attached to their mothers in the pre-Oedipal stage. He does not give this stage much importance. Then, as children grow into the Oedipal stage, they discover their main differences; their genitals. This spurs penis envy in the girls as they realize they are lacking some impressive equipment. The boy seeing the girl’s lack of a penis think that the girl used to have one and got it cut off as a punishment for something. This prompts the boy’s fear of castration. At this point, the children see their opposite sex parent as their love interest. The boy see the father as competition for the mother’s love and the girls see the mother as competition for the father’s love. The boy stifles pursuit of the mother in fear of being punished by castration. The girl hopes that the father will give her a penis if she loves him well enough. Freud never gives the girl a reason to fear the mother and cease her pursuit of the

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