Judaism 's Views On Religion

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“In order to continue to be viable within society, the beliefs and practices of a religious tradition must remain dynamic.”
Due to society’s current changing attitudes, Judaism needs to modify its beliefs and practices to in order to remain viable and significant to its followers, as well as the rest of the world. By remaining dynamic, Judaism is able to appeal to individuals by guiding them on beliefs, ethics and laws of the religious tradition while still remaining relevant to current society. Despite these changes to maintain its relevance, the true essence of Judaism is still preserved.
Some variants of Judaism such as the Orthodoxy are not very enthusiastic about this statement and don’t essentially agree with it. On the other hand, variants such as Progressive agree with the statement completely. Other variants such as Conservative are very much ‘on the fence’, as they believe in remaining present and important to the current society, as well as keeping most traditional Jewish beliefs and practices they see as infallible.

In modern society, gender bias is frowned upon, and equality for both sexes is accepted and approved. Orthodox Jews believe that there is a great distinction between the sexes thus maintaining that men and women should be separated during the synagogue service. They also strictly adhere to traditional rules where there can only be male rabbis.
Progressive and Conservative Judaism however, advocates the equality of the sexes in the synagogue…
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