Julius Caesar - William Shakespeare

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1. Julius Caesar – William Shakespeare
a. Plot: Romans are going crazy over Julius Caesar. Even though he’s just a senator, the treatment is a bit more royal. Some of the other elite aren’t so happy that the little people like him so much. Caesar is warned, “beware the ides of march,” which he promptly ignores. Cassius, a worried upper class man, grooms Brutus, a good man, to be sure of himself and to worry about Caesar. Brutus tends to represent the morality and public opinion. The upper class learn that Mark Antony, Caesar’s right hand man, offered Caesar the crown three times which he, “thrice refused.” Rome has some bad weather. Brutus receives a letter supposedly from the people decrying Caesar, but that might not be so true. Brutus, Cassius, and some other upper class agree to kill and dethrone Caesar. Caesar wakes up in the morning and prepare to go to the senate. His wife, Calpurnia, wants him to stay home. There have been many bad omens which she normally thinks not of but today she is scared. Cesar agrees; however, Decius a conspirator arrives and makes Caesar feel great and big. He entices Caesar with the crown and chides him for listening to a woman. Caesar receives a letter on the way to the Senate warning him of his impending doom, but confident Caesar saves it for later. Once at the senate, Caeser is stabbed, twenty-two times. He sees Brutus, a friend, and goes, “Et tu, Brute.” He then promptly dies. The conspirators have fun in the blood. Next scheming Mark…
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