Junior Sailor's Life After My Navy

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Like many young sailor coming out of boot camp, when I heard the words talk to “THE CHIEF” I had that picture in my head of that mean scruffy old sailor that drinks at least four cups of coffee and spent an ridiculous amount of time thinking of new ways to make junior sailor’s lives miserable. How ever throughout my career I realized that a chief is more than that. They are mentors, teachers, a shoulder to cry on and for some a father figure I met many Chiefs throughout my Naval career, some good and some bad. Many of them had a positive impact on my Naval. But there was one individual who took the time to mold and mentor not just as a junior sailor but also as a man and made the word “CHIEF” take on an entirely different meaning. I first I reported to my command that Saturday morning; the base was a ghost town because the command was still moving from Alameda California to Corpus. My friend Thomas who I met on the plane on the way to Corpus was one of the first to arrive and we were told that my division already arrived and will we will check in on Monday. We met two guys from the division and Thomas asked about Chief. One of the guys named Cooper said that people outside of the division thought Chief was mean and grumpy and didn’t like to talk to people how ever the way Cooper described him you would think he as a magician who can perform miraculous feats without spilling his morning coffee. That Monday Thomas and I stood in front of his office in our brand new

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