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Food for Thought
One of the largest and most opinionated controversies in today’s public school systems is the topic of junk food. Should it be banned, or is taking away the children’s choice of consuming junk food unreasonable? Everyone has their own opinion, however, when it comes down to it, public schools should not eliminate the consumption of junk food because it has only caused more problems, and strips children from their own responsibilities and opinions. Let’s face it, we all crave what we can’t have. Taking away something that some children are so familiar with, and other’s maybe not so much, only causes rebellious activity and tons of curiosity. Too much power is being handed to the school system and it can only lead to unfavorable circumstances for the future. What exactly is junk food? How is one individual or even grouping of individuals able to dictate what junk food is? Most likely, everything I consider junk food probably isn’t what the next person considers it to be; and vice versa. After all, we all were raised different in one way or another. Our opinions vary from family to family, culture to culture, and so on, especially when it comes to food preference. No single being should be justified to choose and ban certain foods just because it’s junk food in their viewpoint. Think about it, if a type of food is going to be a banned upon a particular set of people, shouldn’t they have some sort of input upon it? After all, America was founded on freedom;

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