Just Deserts Theory Of Justice And Its Inefficiencies

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Just Deserts Theory of Justice and its Inefficiencies in Correctional Policy

Introduction The current political agenda in regards to criminal justice policy in the modern conservative Canadian government is a “tough on crime” approach. This right-wing conservative view on the correctional system is very much similar to that of the United States in how justice should be served. This approach is a very detrimental form of justice, as it only focuses on punishment and has no consideration for utilitarian goals for society to create a greater good for the future. With this right wing conservative approach to corrections, the government appears to have a political agenda to move away from a rehabilitative approach to a more retributivist approach that exemplifies that of just deserts theory. With this type of philosophy, the government ignores the importance of rehabilitation and the impact it has for the future of offenders and society as a whole. This paper will discuss the importance of rehabilitation model in correctional policy and how it can improve the lives of offenders and increase public safety for the long-term. With rehabilitation, it is important to focus on practices and programming that are proven with empirical evidence to actually work and make a difference. It is evident with increasingly high rate of crime, high rates of recidivism, the California three strikes rule, and the “tough on crime” Republican Policy in

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