Just Mercy By Bryan Stevenson

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The start of the book, Just Mercy, grabbed me pretty quick, but I was thinking “why are we reading a book about a lost soul who is going to spend his time with people who are sentenced to die for the horrible crimes they committed?” I soon started to realize the true story was much more than that and I would read a story about right and wrong and receive a message about the goodness and mercy of humans towards each other. The story is told by Bryan Stevenson, the author and a graduate of Harvard Law, who was looking for something bigger to do in his life when he was a freshman in law school. He found it during an internship in Georgia at the Southern Prisoners Defense Committee or SPDC, an organization that fought for the basic rights of…show more content…
Stevenson also writes about teenagers, including Charlie, who are sentenced to life as adults and serve in horrible conditions. Charlie was 14 and tried as an adult for capital murder, and the man he killed had just beaten Charlie’s mother unconscious. The case of Charlie introduces Stevenson to mercy in the fact that an elderly white couple hears Stevenson speak at church and they want to help Charlie by paying for his GED and college education. The story of misrepresented and unfairly judged people continues and so does the story of Walter McMillan. The continued evolution of evidence and the overwhelming number of witnesses who provide McMillan with an iron clad alibi make you wonder how on earth he could have ever been found guilty and in the end, with tremendous effort and support from Stevenson and his team, McMillan is released and the DA drops all charges against him. The question I kept asking is how many men and women are in jail today because of bias and poor representation? Bryan Stevenson’s story is inspiring and it should challenge us to get closer to difficult subjects before we cast judgment. The first connection I made to lecture and the text book came early in Just Mercy when Stevenson told about his background an upbringing. Stevenson described southern coastal Delaware, a place you think of as a vacation destination on the Atlantic coast, based on his experience growing up.
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