The Struggles Of African-Americans In The US

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After watching this film, I realized that I could have easily been like anyone else that is facing criminal charges. I’m not an African-American, but because I am a black man, I am automatically placed in that category. The film reminded me a lot about my family, even though we came to this country searching for a better life. However, like most immigrants and refugees, we ran into several speed bumps along the way. Seven of us made it to this country: my father, step mother, uncle, older step sister, older step brother, younger step brother, and me. My older step brother and I are the only ones that have never faced any criminal charges or jail time. When we came to this country in 2000, I was 5 years old and we lived in an apartment complex filled with several other refugee families. It wasn’t the most pleasant place to live, but I felt comfortable because I was around my support group and family. My father and step mother would get into domestic disputes frequently which then led to several police visits. The disputes eventually led to both of them serving several months in jail, which in my opinion, helped lead my siblings to going to jail in their future. My father would then go on to being in and out of jail until he was eventually sentenced to prison for a gun charge. Keith Huff stated “It’s a curse. And where I come from, the neighborhood I come from, most everybody gets locked up. And I mean everybody” (Prison State). That’s why I feel like I could have been

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