Justice for All

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I live by the principle of “protecting justice” by reporting any actions where justice must be done. If I witness a hit and run, I will report a case and serve as a witness. If I see someone breaks into a car on a street, I will report the police immediately. I stand against unfairness, inequality, corruption, and injustice. I protect justice because without justice, our lives will be in great danger and society will fall into a state of anarchy.
I did not realize the importance of justice until the day I experienced injustice. I was born in Myanmar, also known as “Burma”, and I lived there till I was twenty-one. After I had finished high school, I attended Yangon Institute of Medicine in Yangon, Myanmar. I was the only male student with long hair in the entire college, and my hair was long enough to reach the middle of my back. Approximately one month after the semester had started, I received the letter from the medical institute stating that I was required to see the rector. I did not know the reason why I was called to the rector’s office, but I was confident that I had not broken any college’s policies.
I dressed formally on the day I went to the rector’s office, and I tied my long hair neatly so that I would not appear disheveled. I was in my most obedient manner when I stood in front of the rector, Dr. Mya Oo. The rector did not seem pleased to see me, and I waited silently for what he had to say.
“You have to cut your hair. I will give you one week, and you have to

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