Justin Bieber is a Bad Role Model Essay

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Justin Bieber, like most children, generally resorts to the Red Herring Fallacy as a natural go-to when he is accused of misbehaving and he is asked to justify his mischievous actions. Unfortunately, unlike most children, Justin Bieber has to answer to more than just his parents. He has to explain his actions to his agent, public relations representative, and his adoring fans. Rather than accept the fault for his indiscretions, Bieber uses diversionary tactics and repeatedly explains that he is just a kid, and he is still learning from his mistakes. Justin Bieber has proven that he is a terrible role model for his fans when he used the Red Herring Fallacy after he was criticized for making inappropriate comments during a visit to the Anne …show more content…

Again, rather than deal with this issue directly, Justin brushed off the accusation and claimed he was given permission from City Hall, then he fled to Paraguay to avoid getting arrested. Bieber purposely failed to mention that the permission he was granted was actually to spray-paint a different building and not the one he deliberately chose to deface.
The Los Angeles Times reported that in January of 2014, Justin was once again in hot water with the police, as allegations were made that Justin egged his neighbor’s Calabasas mansion and caused upwards of $20,000 in property damage. Police raided Justin’s California mansion hoping to find surveillance video that would confirm that the allegations were true (Winton "Justin Bieber Egging Case”). The investigation is still underway. Although Justin has yet to publicly comment on the matter, friends of the pop star have said that Justin feels misunderstood, and he really is a nice guy; he blames the media for making him seem like a bad guy. Blaming the media instead of taking responsibility is a diversionary tactic Bieber knows all too well. He has become quite the expert in avoiding issues and/or running from his problems. Unfortunately, Biebers problems seem to be catching up with him as each new incident seems to progressively get worse.
Justin Bieber has exhibited multiple signs of a troubled youth, and it appears he

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