Justin Mcgibbon. Ms. Larkin. English Period 1. 6 February

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Justin McGibbon
Ms. Larkin
English Period 1
6 February 2017
Gender oppression and gender roles in marriage during the late 1800s. The role or behavior learned by a person as appropriate to their gender, determined by the prevailing cultural norms. There were fixed gender roles assigned by male-dominated societies. The man’s role being that of the husband and rational thinker, and the woman’s role being that of the dutiful wife who does not question her husband’s authority. Back then it was normal for the women to be seen as weak minded and lesser than the men. Even from religious figures like pastors and priest in the 18 and 1900s contributed to the oppression of women in marriage. New brides were told that they are the submissive partner …show more content…

It was given the name “nervous disease” because of their connection to the nerves, or emotions, the nervous diseases were particularly common among women during this time.
Mental illness is really affecting the main character; she is getting worse and worse. She is is given a “rest” treatment, and she is not allowed work or write. She decides to keep a secret journal to help relieve her mind. In the journal she writes about the room she is in and describes it and describes the disturbing yellow wallpaper. In her journal she writes “The paper is showing sub patterns only visible in certain light and it is deteriorating fast”. Over a few weeks she said that the wallpaper has become not only ugly but menacing. By resting she feels she is getting worse and her husband John knows she is getting worse, but doesn’t change his treatment. He just belittles her illness and brushing of anything she says. John eventually get her to see another doctor, doctor S. Weir Mitchell. She sees him but he is not much help either. She is getting a form of medical care that ignores the concerns of the patient, and is being belittled by the doctor, and is kinda brushing her off to the side and not really fully examining her situation.
As her illness worsens she is seeking help for her husband and her step sister as well. John was the one who gave her the “rest” treatment but it has not been

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