Justin Rollins Theory Of Crime

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Using Justin Rollins autobiography (Rollins,2011) we can get a general understanding of what crimes he has committed leading him to becoming a criminal. Justin Rollins a mixed-race male who was born in Surrey in 1984 has started his offensive behavior at a young age. This includes crimes like petty theft, arson and vandalism. These actions only escalated when Justin got older leading him into violence. Blackburn (1993; p.5) defines crimes as ‘acts attracting legal punishment, [they] are offences against the community'. His behavior went against the societies norms and laws.
I will be using both the positivism and classicism school of criminology to explain the acts of deviance committed by Justin. Positivism is a method of applying natural sciences to the social world (Newborn,2007), thus helping to determine what lead to the deviant behavior. This theory mainly focuses on the offender and the pre-determined factors that lead to him committing the crimes. The main factors are driven by the biological and psychological influences. These factors include cases of poor upbringing like domestic violence or poverty as well as bad influences that surround the individual which could cause pressure on him/her to follow into their footsteps. One of the main people who is known for developing this theory is Cesare Lombroso, this criminologist believed that 'criminals were born, not made' (Newborn,2007).
Whereas the theory of classism is based on free will and that all criminal

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