Justin Thornburg Argumentative Essay

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It was a sunny July afternoon. All was silent except for a few birds singing. The silence was soon broken by the cries of a new baby boy. The time was 12:02pm and Justin Thornburg was born. July 14, 2001, was a life changing event for his proud parents Melissa and Chris Thornburg. Justin weighed a stunning 7lbs and 10.5oz. Justin was the second son of soon to be three. As time went on Justin grew and had dreams of changing the world.
As a toddler Justin had many adventures. He had moved towns, from Marengo to Milltown. In his toddler days Justin had fractured his right ankle at age two, his mother must have been scared to death! Once his ankle had healed, his family went on a trip to Michigan. Justin does not remember much of this trip, he

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