Juvenile Delinquency, A And Violent Criminal Activities

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Angel Martinez
Sociology 348
March 26, 2016

Juvenile Delinquency Analytical Essay

In the country we live in today the number of juvenile delinquents in America has grown rapidly. There are many different theories on why society may think juveniles commit crimes. Some believe it can be due to that lack of attention or their low self-esteem and even the lack of support they receive from their parents. Delinquency is found in all nations and is particularly popular in highly industrialized nations that tend to have large cities. Delinquency is also associated with the youth subculture mainly focusing on non violent activities, but as noted subcultures can also turn into countercultures which are people who reject communities values and rules and change them with others that counter the larger cultures. As I proceed on this analytical essay, I will examine two aspects of youth subculture that constitute juvenile countercultures and sometimes promote serious and violent criminal activities and explain what juvenile delinquency means. I will also review current literature pertaining to my chosen delinquency as well as my chosen perspective, identify and explain major theoretical components and explore and discuss policy implications. Many things come to people mind when they hear or see the world “Juvenile Delinquency”. There are probably hundreds of definitions of juvenile delinquency that contain only minor differences, using the same words to describe the same basic…
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