Juvenile Delinquency And The Juvenile Justice System

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This paper explores eleven published articles that report on results from research conducted on the factors that contribute to juvenile delinquency and the solutions to correct or prevent this delinquency. In the history of the construction and implementing federal laws, it has been imperative to take actions and make procedures in response to the increasing number of minors who violate the laws. The formation of a juvenile justice system that is made up of proper course and development was created. It is important to point out the reasons why these juveniles do offensive and criminal acts in order to form systematic and efficient solutions. These factors have been the basis in creating solutions against juvenile delinquency. The juvenile justice system made certain steps and processes to respond and take action against juvenile crime. They created facilities where the accused juvenile can be rehabilitated for a certain time so that he or she will be transformed by the time he or she leaves the reform center. Families, schools, and communities are encouraged to get involved for the betterment of the youth. They are suggested to be a strong support to the youngsters and join them with other activities that promote self-esteem, development, and self-confidence to keep them away from trouble. It is also recommended that they take note of each of the factors and to make solutions individually in response to the existing issues.

Critical Analysis of Factors

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