Juvenile Delinquency Is A Problem

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Juvenile Delinquency When looking into the history of United States and elsewhere juvenile delinquency is a problem and has been one for over a century. Like other systems in place, the system involving juvenile delinquents has gone through many stages. In the case of the juvenile delinquency, it has gone through four stages, with us presently in the fourth. The causes behind juvenile delinquency are still unknown even today. Some blame it on the current culture, the over-exposure to violence, music and video games. Nevertheless, the true causes of it have yet to be determined. The point of this paper is to examine the possible causes of juvenile delinquency by looking at various fields and their reasoning behind delinquency. In addition to understand the possible causes of juvenile delinquency I will be looking at past and present assumptions including practices used currently and previously to solve delinquency.

To gain an understanding of the current practices used to handle juvenile delinquents you must first look at the history of it and understand where it was. The history of juvenile delinquency is a little different from the criminal justice system history. Originally, a juvenile that committed a crime went to jail with other male and female criminals. At the beginning of the criminal justice system men, women, and juvenile criminals were housed together. By putting juveniles with grown men incarcerated for various reasons made them easy targets

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