Juvenile Detention Centers : A British System Of Punishment

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Although the concept of punishing offenders dates back to ancient Greece, American colonists adopted a British system of punishment. Rather than incarceration, offenders were punished with corporal punishment or death. English Quaker William Penn successfully persuaded Pennsylvania to adopt “The Great Law” which emphasized hard labor in a house of corrections for most crimes (“History Of Corrections”, n.d.). Thus, the “penitentiary” was created to keep prisoners isolated from society and one another to reflect on their past misdeeds, repent, and reform (“History Of Corrections”, n.d.). Today, an array of correctional facilities house over two million offenders across the U.S. Jails are smaller than prisons housing short term offenders or individuals waiting for trial and are run by local governments, such as cities or counties (J.F., 2014). Prisons and penitentiaries are much larger facilities that are run by the federal government and house more serious offenders for longer periods of time (J.F., 2014). Juvenile detention centers are basically prisons for individuals not old enough to be held in jail or prison (J.F., 2014). Military confinement facilities are managed by the Department of Defense within its own system of military justice. The U.S. prison system includes private prisons operated for profit by corporations contracted by the federal government (“Privatization Of”, n.d.). Years ago, the industry was heavily boosted by the “war on drugs” efforts of the Reagan
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