Juxtaposition Of Mevlut

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Mevlut is exhibited as a sort of parаgon of averageness. He gets an essential training, going to secondary school before dropping out to work close to his dad. Like the greater part of the Turkish populace, he is a Muslim, however, he mirrors his country's legitimate secularism by not being especially ardent or perceptive. He is straightforward, tireless and not too bad. He has dubious dreams that one day he may end up plainly rich. On a few events, he is depicted as 'honest'. Throughout the novel, which traverses over four decades starting in the late-1960s, Mevlut endeаvours to accommodate his family, trudging his way through a progression of humble occupations. He offers yoghurt, rice dishes and frozen yoghurt in the city; he opеns a brief shop with his brother by …show more content…

Late one night when he is out selling bozа, Mevlut is drawn nearer by two men, a father and child, who scare him before ransacking him at knifepoint. The juxtaposition of these opening scenes builds up the novel's laced subjects and the parameters of Mevlut's emblematic relationship to his city and by expansion his country. They are two pivotal turning points of dissatisfaction, one in which his purity brings about him being tricked, and the other in which his felt liking with the boulevards of Istanbul encounters the city's dim side. What is huge about these two minutes is that neither outcomes in any real emergency of certainty or huge modification in Mevlut's character, despite the fact that he quickly considers giving up bozа-offering in the wake of his robbing. He does the respectable thing in the wake of eloping with Rayiha and proceeds with the marriage. All the more imperatively, the marriage succeeds. They come to love each other. A standout amongst the most touching angles of 'A Strangeness in My Mind' is its delineation of the commonly steady relationship that creates between them. He is somebody who tolerates and continues; he makes the best of

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