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Yevgeniy Pastukhov Semchenkov ENG 201-0908 Pr. Chrysula Norway 5/14/2017 Emancipation in The Awakening and “The Yellow Wallpaper” Kate Chopin’s the most well-known work The Awakening and Charlotte Perkins Gilman’s short story “The Yellow Wallpaper,” both initially published in 1899, present astoundingly analogous stories of the role of women in society. Both texts are narrated from the point of view of a female protagonist who breaks away from the restraining conventions of a male-ruled society before eventually emancipating through separation from the thinking world, via suicide in The Awakening and insanity in “The Yellow Wall-Paper.” Some would argue that the narrators are unreliable and the stories are misrepresented simply because…show more content…
Yet Edna and Gilman’s protagonist are women who receive their imperfections through their surroundings; the carnality and madness are the results of their oppression. Until the happenings of The Awakening, Edna has been married to Mr. Pontellier for a long time. She goes through her awakening after a vacation in the Grand Isle, but before, she has been a subordinate wife without any doubts in accordance to her role. Just as Mrs. Pontellier begins the story as an average, sensible woman, the main character of “The Yellow Wall-paper” begins as a mentally secure person. Gilman’s heroine depicts the “garden-- large and shady, full of box-bordered paths” (4), the “pretty old-fashioned chintz hangings” (5), and even “those sprawling flamboyant patterns” (5) of the wallpaper in an ultimately sensible manner, what serves as an indicator of her capability of thinking and speaking from a rational standpoint. What is more, she is sent away to the mansion not in a view of the fact that she has mental issues but because her husband believes that she has depression. She admits that she is of the opinion that if she “had less opposition and more society and stimulus,” she would get well sooner (4). Having concluded that both females are in complete possession of their mental capacities at the beginning of the stories, a collation of The Awakening and “The Yellow Wall-Paper” uncovers a similarity in the oppressiveness of the ruling male figures. Both husbands in

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