KCL Personal Statement

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I am currently studying Biology, Chemistry, Maths and Psychology and while the academic year has only started I am looking for ways to broaden my knowledge on these subjects. One way I started doing this is by going to an undergraduate fair in September, by attending various talks on Healthcare, Chemistry, Biology and universities I realised how interesting these courses were, how inspiring it was to hear about peoples’ experiences and wanting to have my own. I feel now I am ready to look at KCL and what options it can offer me at the end of my final year.

A subject I am considering to study at university is Biochemistry or Healthcare because Biology is a subject I thoroughly enjoyed at GCSE and am continuing currently. I enjoy finding out how components work in synchronisation in the human body, e.g. protein synthesis requires the DNA helicase to unwind the double helix so the free bases can come together to form the mRNA, once this is translated into long chain of amino acids it creates a protein which makes up the crucial parts of our body like the skin which acts as a barrier between the outside and the complex labyrinth of the inside. It is amazing how a single fold in keratin’s structure could alter the curliness of a person’s hair or even turn it from a hair cell to a finger nail, this all depends on the essential order of amino acids at primary structure which lead to different bonds at tertiary level. …show more content…

I gained more confidence, leadership skills and team work abilities. It allowed us to stretch ourselves to the

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