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The article Kahoot App brings Urgency of a Quiz Show to the Classroom by Natasha Singer of the New Times discussed a new app/website called Kahoot that is being used in elementary and secondary classrooms across the country. It resembles a game show with students having to answer questions from anyone in their content area. The are noises, music, and other interesting elements that are involved while students are quick to answer with their computers, smartphones, or tablets. It creates a level of competitiveness while trying to check understanding in a very fun way.
This article relates to the content area that I will be teaching (Social Science) because it is easy to make something like history boring. This article was striking to me because it is showing a new way to educate in the classroom. I can see how this would be fun for the students, and even for the teacher(s). To be clear, the article stated that this is something that should be done every day. In fact, using Kahoot should only be done between two to three times a week. I can imagine using Kahoot after finishing a chapter or a unit. This can be treated as formative assessments to see if the students are grasping what they are learning in their lessons.
I do feel, however, that there are plenty of potential drawbacks. …show more content…

The first one is the connection of emotions. Within the What Makes Teens Tick, it is discussed that rely on the amygdala more than adults. The amygdala belongs to the temporal lobes which have a lot to do with emotional and gut reactions according to the article. The comparison is made to adults, who do not rely on the amygdala but rather on the frontal lobe. This explains why kids are more emotional and react in an irrational way at times. While this is something to consider, the Kahoot article is suggesting that they have found a way to utilize kids’ emotional reaction to learning through the use of the

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