Kamal Abokor . 2/06/2017. Period 7-8. Research Paper.

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Kamal Abokor
Period 7-8
Research paper Battle of Nashville Essay

What was the impact of the Battle of Nashville on the Civil war

The Battle of Nashville was an important battle in the Civil war which took place in December 1864 during the Civil War, The once powerful Confederate Army of Tennessee was nearly destroyed when the Union Army led by Ulysses S. Grant swarmed over rebel trenches around Nashville. That represented the end of large scale fighting in the American Civil War. The Battle of Nashville was a two day long Campaign that was crucial in determining the outcome of the Civil war and gave the union army the Confidence it needed to win.
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Not only did they lack Freedom but a clause in the Constitution counted each slave as three-fifths. In effect they had been left out of the American Dream.
Between the sixteenth and nineteenth century, approximately 650,000 black Africans had been abducted from their homelands and brought to the United States. Many had been shipped across the Atlantic Ocean with the complicity of New England rum merchants and traders. But by the 1800s, the slave trade had stopped and slavery was illegal in the North. Most slaves in America by then had been born into their abject state. Yet slavery, centered in the South, dominated American life. Its cast its long shadow over national politics, local and congressional debates, and all the issues of territorial expansion within the United States. Abraham Lincoln had a Quote “ A house divided against itself cannot stand. I believe this Government cannot endure, permanently, half slave and half free…” (lincoln 21)
The Civil war began April 12, 1861. At Fort Sumter in the harbor of Charleston, South Carolina, which was guarded heavily by union troops. Most of the forts arsenals and property had been seized by those in the rebellion but Fort Sumter had not.The picture depicted below is Fort Sumter befor it was burned It soon became a test if the Confederates were even going to attack the union and whether the troops would defend their ground. By March the Union was running out of food so Lincoln ordered people to
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