Kanye West 's New Album

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Kanye West’s new album is soon upon us and fans have high hopes. Apparently, it will not only be the album of the year but the album “of the life.”

For a self-proclaimed God, this might not be the craziest statement to make. Of course, Ye’s claim of divinity is dubious at best. As a human being, Kanye has consistently released commercially successful and critically acclaimed albums. Will the new release be the best album “of the life” or just pretty good? Could it even be a rare misstep for Kanye? We will find out soon enough.

In the meantime, let us take a look back at Kanye’s storied musical career. The following list will examine one song from each of Kanye’s major solo album releases.

1. Through the Wire

Year: 2004
Album: The College Dropout
Notable line: “And I still won’t grow up, I’m a grown-ass kid.”

“Through the Wire” symbolizes Kanye’s transition from a producer with a dream to legitimate MC. The track opens with a pitched up Chaka Kahn sample, “Through the Fire,” alongside a lively beat. On the track Kanye is literally rapping through the wire. The rapper’s jaw was wired shut after a horrific traffic accident in 2003. Recorded while Kanye recovered, the song represented something new for hip hop. It is a clever and funny song chock-full of cultural references. The production is soulful and complex. Kanye set himself up us as a figure between worlds. He was a new kind of rapper that looked forward, but also respected the past. “Jesus Walks” may have

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