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Karen Vladimir, was a Russian news reporter. She lived in a small village close to her leader’s palace. Novgorod was a very tall, Strong, and Strict leader. He wouldn’t allow anybody to leave his country without his permission. Karen was born in Russia before Novgorod took over. Although she was born in Russia, her mother, Irina Douglass and her father Zlatan Vladimir were from Alaska. She didn’t stay in Russia by choice, but because she was forced to move to Russia because of her parents for the money. Her family was very poor. She has been in Russia only five years. Right after she was born, her and her parents moved back to Alaska. Then when she was eighteen, her parents sent her back to Russia. For two of those years, Karen was in search …show more content…

Novgorod and his army were in search of Karen Vladimir. He put out billboards saying “One shall not disrespect Novgorod, his people and his country, and expect to get away with it. We shall hunt this girl down, no matter what.” Karen thought she had everything planned out. But she forgot about the fact that Novgorod was very strict. He had cameras installed all over Russia when he took over. He caught her on one of his cameras. He described her as a short, blonde girl with green eyes. One man claimed to have seen her on the southwestern side of Russia. After carefully searching all of southwestern Russia, she was still nowhere to be found. Novgorod became very angry with his army. “Why can’t any of you useless peasants find a girl? I hired you because you were the best of the best, but I guess I didn’t.” His army weren’t very pleased with his words. As a result, Novgorod was shot and killed. Novgorod was buried at the bottom of the Black Sea. His army told every one of Novgorod’s soldiers to stop searching for the …show more content…

Karen soon realized what was going on. After she did, she didn't give her parents as much money as in the past month. Zlatan was furious with his daughter, as well as Irina, He was very old, so he couldn’t move around very much, and neither could Irina. All those years Karen wasn’t around, her parents struggled to do a lot of things. Although they were her parents, Karen had to help them. Unless Karen wanted them in pain everyday, Although Karen had reasons not to help them. Her parents left her by herself in Russia. She learned many things. Karen learned how to speak Russian fluently. She also learned that when times are tough for you, there's always a bright side to end it

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