Karl Heinrich : An Influential Philosopher And Philosopher, And He Without A Doubt

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Karl Heinrich Marx was a German social scientist, hugely influential revolutionary thinker, historian and philosopher, and he without a doubt, was the most influential socialist thinker to emerge in the nineteenth century. He was communism’s most zealous intellectual advocate. By 1857 he had compiled over 800 pages of transcripts and short articles on capital, landed property, wage labor, state, and foreign trade and world market; this work did not appear in print until 1939 when it got published under the title “Outlines of the Critique of Political Economy.”[1][2][3] Although he did not get the recognition he deserved by scholars in his own lifetime, his social, political and economic ideas gained immediate acceptance and his writings formed the theoretical base for modern international communism in the socialist movement, after his death in 1883.
Social conflict theory is a way of studying society that focuses on inequality in different social groups of society, which generates conflict and social change. According to Marx, society evolves in several stages - the most important were feudalism, capitalism and socialism, out of which social conflict theory shed lights on capitalism. This theory is an independent macro-oriented paradigm in sociology focusing on phenomena of control, struggle, interests, coercion, power and conflict. Marx lived in Europe in the nineteenth century when Europe was going through a development phase linked to industrial economic growth and his

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