Essay about Karl Heinrich marx and Social-Conflict Analysis

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Social-conflict analysis argues that rather than benefiting society as a whole, social stratification benefits some people and disadvantages others. This analysis draws heavily on the ideas of the great Karl Marx. Karl Heinrich Marx was a German philosopher, social scientist, and revolutionist whose writings formed the beginning of the basic ideas known as Marxism. He was born on May 5, 1818, in a place called Trier in Prussia. Marx attended the University of Bonn and later the University at Berlin, where he studied law, while majoring in history and philosophy to follow in his father’s footsteps of becoming a lawyer. Although scholars largely disregarded him in his own lifetime, his social, economic and political ideas gained rapid …show more content…

On the contrary, the peasants became to be known as the Proletarians, the people who sell their labor for wages. Clearly, since the Bourgeoisies and the Proletarians have contrasting interests, they are vastly separated by a gap of wealth and power, making social class conflict almost inevitable.
Since the infamous The Communist Manifesto was fabricated during an era of prodigious social distress both economically and politically, it was the result of Marx’s desire to eradicate the gap between the Bourgeoisies and the Proletarians in order to ultimately restructure the social, political, and economic conditions of the Proletarians. To attain equality amongst all, Marx encouraged the Proletarians to plot against the Bourgeoisies to end the exploitation of lower social classes and set up a communistic society where class distinction would no longer be of issue.
Unfortunately, this model of his required a society to undertake some changes that ultimately would not be able to successfully adapt to and nonetheless provide the equality he is striving for. Marx’s theories were established only upon class stratification while disregarding the primary factors that contribute to the actual foundation of a society. Here is why many scholars compare this idea of Marxism to the socialist movement that is known as communism. If one were to read over the all the demands listed,

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