Karl Marx Estranged Labor

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Technology has been a constant in human life. Estranged Labor by Karl Marx and Michel Focualt’s Discipline and Punishment depict how technology has effected human history and the beginnings of new ways of thinking about the life and dignity of a human. Karl Marx’s reading, “Estranged Labor,” shows how technology can create mistrust and lessen the value of a human. Michel Focualt’s Discipline and Punishment unveils the beginning of new technology that is constantly evolving from horrifying beginnings to a slowly progressing future. Technology grows and changes every day. The new and old inventions effect the shape of human life indirectly or directly. This essay will argue that as humans evolved, the use of technology, old and new, has greatly effected how a human lives, learns, and understands the ever-changing world. Technology was always meant to lighten the burden of humans. …show more content…

The reason we call for change is because it is deserved and essential to create a better future. Why do humans think they deserve it? As Marx believes, if “he treats himself as the actual, living species…he treats himself as a universal and therefore a free being.” Humans believe that they all have dignity and therefore equal. Thus humans deserve freedom and equal rights. With the new ideas about punishment, it was determined that humans should “rid themselves of the illusion that penalty is above all (if not exclusively) a means of reducing crime.” Here humans are now become more understanding. With new and evolving ideas, this technology has given humans a new view on how to understand others who are different better. Each human is given the right of hope. Humans are to treat each other as “being[s] that treats the species as its own essential being, or that treats itself as a species being.” With that in mind, humans determine the use of technology. It is created by humans for humans to be used for all aspects of human

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