Karl Marx Theory Of Conflict

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In conflict theory Karl Marx claims that society is in a state of coercion conflict due to competition for social and economic resources. Social order is maintained by domination and power rather than a general agreement. According to conflict theory, those with the most resources use wealth and power to suppress poor and powerless people for their own betterment that leads to inequality and power struggle. Dominant people influence the beliefs of other members of society by manipulating public information and controlling institutions such as religious, educational, and social. Conflict theories set their attention on race, class, and gender because they are seen as a target of permanent struggles in society. As for why marijuana is illegal in North Carolina, conflict theory would say that this is a part of class struggle. Those people who are poor will greatly be affected by the substance abuse, so it should be regulated. These less powerful groups are victims of discrimination. Marijuana is illegal, so law enforcement has an ideal power to control the people who wants it. Symbolic Interaction emphasizes socially constructed human interpretation. This interpretation are called the definition of the situation. It suggest that the way people acts and behave towards other people is based upon a behaviour given to them, symbolic interaction also relies on symbolic meaning. People assigned symbols as another interpretation of thought, but sometimes different people put

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