Kate Chopin And Virginia Woolf 's A Room Of One 's Own Essay

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Through their works, Kate Chopin and Virginia Woolf were able to portray a certain relationship between women and society. While some literary pieces are optimistic towards women, others are not. In this case, The Awakening, a novella written by Kate Chopin, focuses on the inner battle that the main character Edna faces throughout her life. On the other hand, Virginia Woolf’s A Room of One’s Own, discusses ideas related to gender inequality. Both women seem to be facing inner turmoil that correlates back to the relationship between women and society during these time periods. Ultimately, their experiences are what drives them to change how they fit into societal norms. Therefore, the texts in this essay theorize the relationship between women and society in a way that can be encouraging towards women.
Edna, the protagonist in The Awakening, experiences this ongoing battle within herself. Besides this ongoing battle inside, she also has a tough time fitting into society and nature as well. In the following quote, Edna is referred to as Mrs. Ponteiller. “ Mrs. Ponteiller was not a woman given to confidences, a characteristic hitherto contrary to her nature” (Chopin, 1263). Edna starting at an exceedingly young age had been very beside herself. However, there are certain people who influenced her as she grew older. She sees women like Adele Ratignolle and Mademoiselle Reisz and wonders why she cannot be more like them as they fit into society without any problem. The “her”

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