Kate Chopin: Two Unfortunate Women

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Two Unfortunate Women
Kate Chopin has a unique way of portraying women. In the stories “The Storm” and “The Story of an Hour”, Chopin shows the way liberating women handle problems and decisions in their timeframe. You have two women, Calixta and Mrs.Mallard. They both have troubles with their relationships and want change but don’t necessarily choose the right decisions to get out.
Calixta is a loving wife and mother to her four-year-old son named Bibi. Her hobbies include sewing and cleaning the house. She is beautiful with her perfect white complexion, blue eyes, and blonde hair. She seems to be a strong liberating woman who no one would want to argue with, especially if it’s about muddying up the house. One unfortunate thing about her
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Calixta cheated on her husband which shows she doesn’t care for him as much as she implies. Although Calixta showed her affection toward her husband at the end, she shows her real feelings for him when he comes home and she pretends nothing even happened between her and Laballiere. No woman in a happy relationship would cheat on her man. The sad thing is, her husband brings her shrimp from the store he stayed at with Bibi, which shows he really cares about her and thinks about Calixta often. Now, when Mrs.Mallard gets the news about her husband’s death, she is ecstatic about it. She then had the opportunity of freedom for the first time in her life considering her timeframe in the story. No one could blame Mrs.Mallard for acting that way when she was in a controlling relationship. Personally, I think these characters are weak. If they wanted to change their lives and be happy, they should have left their husbands or tried to come to a conclusion instead of waiting for their husbands to die or cheating. I understand at the time, it was probably the only thing they could do because they were women and women weren’t portrayed as strong or independent, but it still doesn’t make their reactions right. Something both characters experienced was nature. Because there was a storm it caused Laballiere to go under the nearest shelter which so happen to be Calixta’s house. And, Mrs.Mallard had an unfortunate heart disease which wasn’t the easiest to cure at her time. Both stories had a sad ending because Calixta never admit to her husband what she had done and Mrs.Mallard died because of her poor
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