Kate Chopin 's The Hour

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One of the greatest concerns of critics who have analyzed “The Story of the Hour” has been whether or not Mrs. Mallard was oppressed in her marriage or if she was depressed due to the lack of time she and her husband spent together. Time plays a crucial role in the story, from the time they have spent together, to the period of the story, and to the short time in which the story takes place. “The Story of the Hour,” is a story written by feminist author, Kate Chopin in 1894 that deals with marital instability from a woman’s perspective. Chopin, whose husband died when she was in her early thirties, wrote stories about healthy women during a time of female sexual liberation. She wrote stories about women who wished for freedom or who were trapped in an unbalanced marriage and longed for more.

The protagonist of the story, Louise Mallard, she is emotionally detached from her deceased husband who was killed in a train accident, Brently Mallard. In my analysis, I talked about how Chopin uses different writing techniques, such as foreshadowing and situational irony, to adequately describe the feelings Mrs. Mallard won 't say. Now, I can take the critical views of other writers and compare their ideas to mine. In doing so, I can discover more techniques Chopin possessed from a new perspective.

Critics like Lawrence I. Berkove have analyzed the story and presented their views. Berkove notes that we all can agree that the story “tells a tale of female liberation from an

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