Kate Chopin 's The Storm

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Basically, the setting in the short story of Kate Chopin ‘The Storm’ presents a clear demonstration of an illicit but a romantic love affair. Indeed, the title has been used perfectly to signify the adulterous love affair. Most importantly, it is evident that the storm has not been used as a mere coincidence but instead it has been used to steer the story and the affair forward. In fact, the storm has been significant during the start of the story, during its peak and ultimately in the end. Although illegal, the love affair between the main characters brings ultimate happiness to the families of both the parties (Stein 52). Indeed, liberty in marriage to satisfy one’s physical needs is an effective means for survival, success and happiness in marriage.
From the onset of the story, it is plausible that Chopin has used the storm symbolically to steer on the story and to present a setting for the theme of romantic but illicit love. The story has commenced with Bobinot and Bibi in a local store. As they make attempts to leave, they realize that a storm is approaching as indicated by clouds. They are therefore closed out in the local store as they await the storm to end. On the other end at home, Calixta is at home sewing but is unaware of the storm. She later notices the approaching storm where she runs frantically in the house to close doors and windows. It is during that confusion that she notices Alcee as he approaches. ‘Alce Laballire rode in at the gate’ (Ward 91). Through

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