Kate Chopin's Desiree's Baby - The Formalistic Approach Essay

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The Formalistic Approach to Desiree's Baby

Kate Chopin's narrative of "Desiree's Daughter" created a sense of ambiguity among the reader until the last few sentences

of the story. However, the Formalistic Approach to Literature helps one to review the texts and notice countless relationships

between the detailed components and conclusion of the story. These elements draw clues and foreshadow the events that

happen throughout the duration and climax of the narrative. Close reading will help one to depict the devices used to help

carry the audience through the plot and suggest the resolution. Some of the most prominent devices used by Chopin are word

choice, reference, and repetition. Each of these …show more content…

That sudden change from the repetition of soft subtle

colors to a term that in its context has a more bold sound triggers the listener's ears. That phrase stands out and resounds in

the reader’s subconscious throughout the entire plot. When Madame Valmonde reached L’Abri, she shuddred at the sight of

the child “as she always did.” Foreshadow that the child had the most significance in the story was evident through this as well

as the title. Furthermore, not only was Madame Valmonde puzzled by the sight of the child, so was nurse Zandrine as she

turned her face to gaze across the fields to avoid the responsive look toward her on Madame Valmonde’s face after she

scanned the baby. The story emphasizes the fright, sadness, and bafflement among the women concerning the child. Madame

Valmonde insists that “this is not the baby” and after Desiree’s explanation admits that it indeed “has changed.” Regardless,

Desiree is so overjoyed with the happiness of her husband and how he’s changed positively because of his new son that she

for some dissonant reason feels fearful just as well. Within a few paragraphs, Chopin expressed tension and awe that hinted

toward how the baby would serve in the story.

One of allusions in “Desiree’s Baby” was the idea of abandonment. Not only

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