Kate Chopin's Ripe Figs

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Not much goes on in Kate Chopin’s one page story “Ripe Figs”, but when digging deeper we uncover a much more interesting memorandum. In the beginning, she talks about how Babette’s godmother Maman-Nainaine is to allow her to go to the Bayou-Lafourche to visit her cousins when the figs ripen. Although there is a little that happens in the story “Ripe Figs”, Kate Chopin describes maturity using strong natural imagery through symbols such as: figs, seasons, and colors. This story uses figs as a way of describing maturity over time. Such as, “the figs were like little hard, green marbles” (25). This represents maturity by first explaining how the figs are when they are small. Children are little and usually have a hard head, so to speak, meaning…show more content…
“But warm rains came along and plenty of strong sunshine, and though Maman-Nainaine was as patient as the stature of La Madone, and Babette as restless as a hummingbird, the first thing they both knew it was hot summertime” (26). This is the best example of the seasons expressing maturity the way she uses Maman-Nainaine’s adult knowledge, and Babette’s adolescent knowledge of when the figs were supposed to ripen. For Babette’s godmother the figs ripened early showing that she is older and time moves faster for her, whereas Babette, a child, eager to see her cousin’s, the time passes slowly. This is an example of how as we get older the times seems to move by faster than it did when we were children with urgency to grow up. Kate Chopin uses colors in this short story to also signify maturity by stating the different colors of the figs as they change over time. Towards the beginning, she explains how the figs look like “green marbles” (25). Whereas closer to the end she states, “it contained a dozen purple figs” (26). The colors go from green to purple. When the fig’s start to grow, the fruit is small and green. When the figs are fully ripened, they turn purple. Although we as people may not change colors as we mature, we do grow bigger and more mature from the time we are children to the time we are
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