Essay on Kate Chopin's The Awakening

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Edna’s Struggle and Awakenings
Kate Chopin by the means of creations like The Awakening is trying to make the female in society think about her condition and also push the feminism movement. Her depiction of The Awakening is realistic as she develops Edna Pontellier’s character from a socially and morally respectable individual to an individual that turns her back on everything that was certain in her life to become independent. She struggles between her subconscious and conscious thoughts as unusual feelings stir unfounded emotions and senses. Chopin portrays Edna as a character who is struggling against the society throughout the story and is also going through series of ‘Awakenings.’ …show more content…

Being a part of the patriarchal society the women in Grand Isle had to do as they were asked to by their husband. This kind of a society gave the men power over the women. Edna also fails to fulfill her responsibilities as a mother. The narrator describes, “If one of the little Pontellier boys took a tumble whilst at play, he was not apt to rush crying to his mother’s arms for comfort; he would more likely pick himself up, …” (Chopin 473). This indicated that the young Pontelliers were not as dependent on their mother, Edna as the other children in Grand Isle. Edna and the kids had become distant from each other and she feels a sense of relief when the children go to visit their grandmother. Edna’s mind is at rest concerning the present material needs of her children. She is also often criticized by Leonce for neglecting the children. In fact the narrator tells us that, “He reproached his wife with her inattention, her habitual neglect of the children” (Chopin 471). Due to the distance from Edna, the children grow more close to their father even though Leonce is gone half the time.
As the story progressed Edna, the central character of the story goes through a series of awakenings. As Edna awakens to this new self she becomes self absorbed and chooses her satisfaction over her family. Her marriage to Leonce was not a love marriage, but more of a convenience. Edna wasn’t in love with Leonce, but rather embraced

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