Katniss 'A Brief Summary Of Homer's Odyssey'

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Chapter 11: The tributes are forced to stand on their mounds for sixty seconds before they may enter the arena. Haymitch had advised Peeta and Katniss to avoid the Cornucopia and instead run for safety, but Katniss hesitates when she sees the bow and arrows that lie in the Cornucopia. Just as she prepares to run for the weapons, she catches Peeta’s eye, and he seems to be shaking his head at her. Katniss is frustrated that she missed her moment, and her frustration makes her careless, dashing farther into the fray. Katniss worries about Peeta, since she’s gotten to know him more over the course of training. However, rather than dwell on the thought that he might be dead, Katniss decides that his early death might be better because of the way

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