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2013-2014 Marketing Plan of Organics on the Go
Jason M. Farber
Devry University’s Keller Graduate School of Management

Executive Summary
Organics on The Go is an innovative start-up company that offers high quality, fairly priced, 100 percent all organic products for the on the go individual. These products are crafted to meet the specific needs and wants of a carefully selected target market. The demand for organics at large is strong and growing providing an excellent opportunity for success with a business that relies on a carefully crafted holistic marketing plan. Organics on The Go has developed an intricate holistic marketing plan that incorporates a comprehensive IMC approach to ensure success
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Market Size and Growth:
As of 2012 the total revenues of the organic market had grown to 27 billion back in 2012 and continues to grow at an average rate of about 7.4% during the recession, with a growth rate that has continued to increase and exceed analysts’ expectations according to the findings of the USDA. (USDA, pg. 1) However, the exact number of people that comprise the whole foods customer base is still not known with credible certainty, but is believed to be well within the millions in the USA alone. (USDA, pg 6).
Market Trends:
Rachael L. Dettman in her presentation to the USDA wrote: “Organic produce: Who’s Eating it? A Demographic Profile of Organic Produce Consumers” research suggested that in the post-recession period, organic produce, which is the largest organic sector, is now growing at 15% and the demand for organic foods at large is sharply increasing. (Dettmann, pg. 1). Matt Townsend in his article: “Whole Foods Profit jumps on Demand for Organic Foods” cited Merideth Adler, analyst for Barclays Plc that for the organic market: “sales trends remain strong as it appears that the growth of the natural and organic industry has continued to exceed expectations” (Townsend, pg. 1)
SWOT Analysis:
The following SWOT analysis encompasses the strengths and weaknesses to which the logistic and strategic components of the marketing plan will be tailored to address from the internal business

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