Kelsey Wells. Ms. Mccoy. English 1302. 26 April 2017. Cyberbullying

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Kelsey Wells
Ms. McCoy
English 1302
26 April 2017
Cyberbullying an Issue Left in the Shadows
Cyberbullying is a problem that has only come to light in the last few years. It has many different effects on people; it can cause depression, suicidal thoughts and actions, and effects the way students do in school. Cyberbullying is one of the top leading causes of suicide in teens and young adults (Swearer). Cyberbullying is a major problem that this country needs to get under control because it is leading to self-harm and suicide in teens and young adults. It causes an unsafe learning environment, and the victim cannot get away from the bullying because the attackers stalk them through social media accounts and their cell phones. So, how does
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That was until recently; the Washington Post “5 Myths about Bullying” by Susan Swearer states that cyberbullying has attracted more attention since the suicide of Megan Meier, Megan was an eighth- grader who had been bullied over the site MySpace; she committed suicide in 2006. This article also talks about another suicide of freshman Tyler Clementi who committed suicide after his roommate posted a video of sexual relations between him and another student (Swearer). Both of these cyberbullying cases ended tragically and not all cases end this way, but it is the cases like these that catch people’s attention. Another article that brings light to the consequences of cyberbullying is an article by Mudhamita Murgia, “Compassion is the Best Weapon Against Cyber Trolls”. This article shows that Prince William had never realized how bad the cyberbullying issue was until he had children (Murgia). This article explains how cyberbullying is linked to self-harm; it says that people who are involved in cyberbullying are more likely to watch videos about self-harm (Murgia).
Another consequence with cyberbullying is that it causes an unsafe learning environment. Even though cyberbullying happens online or through some type of technology, other people have access and can see what is being said and what is happening online. With everyone having access and being able to see what is happening cyberbullying can easily be turned into face to face bullying causing

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