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Kepler's Laws

In today's world, we have very advanced technology. There have been many new technological and medical advancements as we entered the new century. The Internet allows us to shop, talk, and find valuable information on very scarce topics, and even check stocks with a simple click of a button. Medical advancements had recently been discovered on "The Human Genome Projects," the first gene was mapped and within a short period of time we will have mapped out all the genes in a human chromosome. This is absolutely amazing because we will now be able to reveal the many causes of serious deadly diseases. Throughout the years, we have gained the technology to send astronauts into space to gather new information about our
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Brahe did not trust Kepler and worried that Kepler would surpass him and become more well known than him. So Brahe assigned him the job of understanding the orbit of Mars because it gave Brahe much difficulty, and would keep Kepler occupied while Brahe worked on his theory of the solar system. Brahe also kept other data from Kepler hoping that he would be the one to discover the orbits of the planets before Kepler did. In 1601, when Brahe died Kepler received all of Brahe's data. Whether he obtained this data legally or not is still in debate today, however, it is fortunate that he obtained this data. (Silverberg, 160)
When Kepler first began his work on the orbit of Mars he was under the assumption, as many scientists were, that the planetary orbits were circular, and that the Sun was at the center of the orbits. This type of system is called a heliocentric system. Also at this time only six planets were known. When Kepler obtained Brahe's data he discovered that the orbits were not perfect circles, but instead were ellipses that were only slightly flattened. The reason nobody else realized this was because the orbits were so slightly elliptical that extensive investigation and data would be needed to show this. It also turned out that the reason the orbit of Mars was very difficult to understand was because its orbit was more eccentric than the other planets that Kepler and Brahe had data about. To understand a lot of Kepler's work you must first

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