The Crash Reel By Kevin Pearce

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Kevin Pearce is an advocate and educator for people working to improve the health and functioning of their brains, and a former professional snowboarder. After having a disastrous accident, he sustained a traumatic brain injury and is working towards making it through his healing process. The traumatic brain injury resulted in an altered state of consciousness. This altered state of consciousness has led to a decrease in Kevin’s ability to function socially. Before the injury, Kevin was practicing to compete in the 2010 Vancouver Winter Olympic Games. His accident occurred just a little over a month before the Olympics were to start. Many different people are helping Kevin to get better. His family, friends, doctors, and fellow snowboarders were all around as Kevin Pearce tried to overcome this event that would have a huge impact on his career that he loved and the rest of his life overall. Based on what was shown in “The Crash Reel,” Kevin is a young man of great strength and character. His overall demeanor is very positive and that of someone who is determined to accomplish whatever he sets his mind to. Before the accident, Kevin was always practicing to be better. He had a great ability to prioritize and make sacrifices, as demonstrated by his decisions to get up early and train while his friends and colleagues were hungover in bed. He was able to dedicate enough of himself to his schooling so that he was able to finish and focus more time on his career

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