Khoisan Superiority

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For a long time South Africa was inhabitable until a group known as the Khoisan traveled there, where they lived for many years as the superior group until the group known as the Afrikaners came and took that superiority. A Little while after the Afrikaners came is when things really started to change. They started developing superiority over the Khoisan. Some reasons for this are that they started to develope an early sense of dominance over the Khoisan and “The Battle of Blood River. The Afrikaners developed an early state of dominance by taking land and cattle from the Khoisan. This was because when Jan van Riebeeck had to lay of men they needed somewhere to live so he gave the men 28 acres of land that was used by the Khoisan. As a result Khoisan tried to fight back ,but didn’t stand a chance against the Afrikaners who had much better weapons like guns. The Khoisan then realized that they wouldn't stand a chance and that they were weaker, so they became free laborers for the Afrikaners. A quote to prove this is in the book on page 3 paragraph 2 where it states “The Khoisan resisted these settlements, but were defeated in sporadic battles...As a…show more content…
The Battle of Blood River gave them more of a sense of superiority because before the battle the Afrikaners prayed to go for a victory, and a victory they got. They won the battle with zero casualties. Now with them having such an outstanding victory gave them a myth saying that they were God’s “chosen people.” Which made them believe that they were so much better than everyone else. Which made them feel more superior. A quote to back this up is in the book on pages 5-6 where it states “They claimed that the group of Trekboers gathered together praying for victory and won….they often used this myth to claim that God favored
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