Kids Should Not Play Competitive Sports

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Some people say that kids should not play competitive sports, but when you really think about it they should be playing competitive sports, but others say that kids should not play competitive sports until there older but by the age of 15, 80% out of 45 million kids have already quite the sport they were playing but three out of four families with school-aged children have at least one playing an organized sport out of 45 million children around the world. And out of all the kids around the world 45 million of them are getting healthier as they play sports and the rest of the kids aren’t learning anything or getting healthy/stronger because they aren’t doing anything.
Many people say that kids are getting pressured into sports and aren’t learning anything but when you think about it they are actually learning to improve themselves. If parents aren’t getting their kids into sports then they won’t learn how to accept criticism from people and then they will just think that everyone is saying bad things about them on purpose, which isn’t true because they just want them to improve themselves.
Also when kids are playing sports parents want their kid to be the best. They want them to win and they never want them to lose. Which is what everyone wants but if parents keep pressuring them they will want to be the best wherever they go like school and when they go home, they will think everything is a contest between them and everyone else which is not a good thing because people

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