Kill A Mockingbird By Harper Lee

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As a young woman in Alabama sat down to tell this tale of a sleepy Southern town based off her own home, little did she know that it would become a powerful and timeless novel, becoming renowned as a piece of classic literature. Harper Lee’s To Kill a Mockingbird tells a story of a childhood in the deep South. Written in first person account, the story is told through the young eyes of Jean Louise “Scout” Finch. It tells of the childly endeavors to lure the fascinating Boo Radley out of his solitary isolation to the trial of an African-American man named Tom Robinson, facing a court filled with prejudicial white men under the accusation that he raped a white woman.As the novel progresses, Scout learns of the inhumanity in her hometown. She gradually begins to know of the cruelty and prejudice faced by Boo, Tom, Atticus and many others.. Atticus tries to help Scout understand these complex concepts and continually works to helps her stay grounded throughout the crisis. He tells Scout of mockingbirds. A mockingbird is a grey and white, medium-sized bird that is most commonly known for it’s ability to mimic sounds and sing them almost endlessly. Atticus says that it is a sin to kill a mockingbird because they are innocent creatures. He does not literally mean a mockingbird when saying this, rather its meaning is metaphorical and open to interpretation. Throughout the novel, many characters could been seen as a “mockingbird” but it seems that the symbol of the mockingbird…

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